With all the group gathering restrictions in place, it has made it extremely hard for couples to get married moving forward with their wedding plans. One of the things that takes the biggest hit is your guest list. Given the coronavirus pandemic's impact on weddings around the world, newly engaged couples are faced with cutting down their original guest count, and there's basic etiquette around this step. 

As soon as you're comfortable doing so, send a message to your current guest list or post on your wedding website acknowledging the pandemic, letting guests know you're weighing your options, and considering everyone's safety regarding your wedding.

Communication is key

The guest list is a bummer, but there is a way to let people down gently. When letting guests know that due to size restrictions, they are no longer able to attend your wedding in person, remind them that you still love them very much and that you are taking the proper safety precautions for everyone's health.

Include a Virtual Element

Since guest list adjustments are increasingly prevalent depending on where you plan to host the wedding, the industry collectively has seen a rise in virtual elements integrated into various events. You can still have the people you love virtually surround you and share in your big day.

Define Your Wedding Structure to Your New Guest List

Of course, your wedding list is going to look a little different because of Covid - 19. This means educating and informing guests about how you are mitigating risk and being thoughtful about their health and safety at your wedding.

Define your structure for who is on the newly reduced guest list. Sit down with your spouse and make clear parameters for how to whittle down your guest list, this will both assist you in this very hard decision and provide additional understanding for those that couldn't attend in person. Whether you keep the in-person guest count to only family, only locals, or four guests per Bride and Groom, providing structure keeps things fair and clean."

Talk to Family Members and Your Wedding Party

Make sure your family members and your squad on board, especially if they're located in different countries where travel restrictions remain in place or they'll have to self-quarantine depending on proximity? Make sure your inner circle of Friends and Family know first about realistic expectations regarding your wedding date. Some guests may not necessarily feel comfortable traveling at this time, so have the important conversations to gauge the comfort level of your loved ones first and foremost.  

Talk to Your Vendors 

This is one of the first steps to take before even adjusting or addressing your guest list. If you have a planner partner with them and make sure you check off every vendor and lock in the new date and the new size of your wedding guest list.

Set Expectations With Your Guests… and Yourself 

Don’t forget you are mourning the loss of what you had originally envisioned for your wedding: whether it is the original date you had planned or the capacity of your guest list. I t is normal and it's o.k. It will help to talk through it with your partner and mourn this together as a team, then set expectations about your wedding postponement and the guest list between yourselves. While having to shrink down your guest list is heartbreaking and you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, limiting crowds are not a new restriction at this point. Finally, because of the current climate, your need to whittle down your guest count will most likely not come as a surprise to your guests. They might even be expecting it.