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Do you work alone or do you outsource?

I (Byron) am the owner and operator of Candid Camera Imaging. I have an assistant, who works on various aspects of my photography and post-production with me. I also have a team of creatives for any size job. Everything is done in-house and under my care. Nothing is outsourced to another company. 

What equipment do you use? Do you have back-up gear?

We shoot Sony primarily. A lot to list here, but the go-to pieces are a couple of Sony a7rIIIs, 28-75 2.8, 50 1.2, 70-200 2.8, a couple 580II speed-lights, etc. etc. Our gear has gear for its gear so don't worry we got you covered. :)

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and have the documentation to prove it. Many venues require wedding vendors be insured. 

What areas of Photography do you specialize in?

Of course, weddings are our jam, but we make sure to leave room in our calendar for all production needs and sessions like family sessions, engagement photos, portraits, live events, Product promotion teaser trailers Commercials, etc.

Who is your 2nd Shooter/ Associate Shooter(s)?

We work with a talented network of fellow photographers and Videographers. Not just our staff but if the job calls we outsource as well. They are all seasoned professionals who run their own photography/Videography businesses and are seamlessly capable of taking on the role of 2nd shooter/Associate Shooter when not already committed to a project of their own. They shoot very similarly to our style and have been trained to approach any project with the same photojournalistic sense as we bring to the table. When we work together, it's often hard to tell who took what!

Do you travel?

Yes, we do take on all projects. We love destination weddings and live events and exotic shoots. Traveling is our pleasure and we look forward to seeing where we go next.

Additional travel fees are included in the rate, but we are keen to work out a custom package that benefits everyone!

Do I get ALL of the images or just the ones you've edited?

All of the images you receive from us will be edited (color corrected, etc.). 20-30% of your collection will be re-touched and/or artistically enhanced (skin touch-ups, additional color edits, etc.). 

Weddings typically yield 400-600 images; Full Portrait sessions yield 75+ images.

**I make sure to share with you multiple full collections prior to booking, so you know fully what to expect from me regarding your collection

How do I book a wedding and/or any other session? Do you hold dates?

First, get in touch with us to make sure we are available on your date. If we are and we've had a chance to connect about your needs.

How long before I get my images?

Turnaround on portrait sessions is typically around 3-5 days. For weddings, it's 3-5 weeks. Videography projects differ depending on the size. Of course, we do try to move as quickly as possible. These amounts are general and are subject to change based on time of year and other variables. 

Do you do elopements and/or out of the box weddings?

Yes! Please inquire for special rate pricing. 

Do I own the copyright to the images in my collection?

We retain the copyright, but you have printing rights and can post your images as you'd like. The copyright ensures that you may not alter the photos in any way, nor may you enter them in competitions, etc. without my consent. 

 I called you last week. You returned my call with an email. Why?

For us, the only way we can truly stay consistent and organized is if we keep everything in writing. For one, it makes for a nice reference; and two, we are night owls. We do most of my office work at night.